Information accessible at any point from anywhere.
Processing the day, the hour, the minute and the moment.
Catching thoughts and understanding the repetition.
Receptive to the repetition, the repetitiveness,
ta ta ta 
தா தா தா

Subtle sensations from so many teachers.
Without teachers who were once students,
 teachers cannot teach.
The false ego which judges another and the self,
 the inner whisper,
be be be
இரு இரு இரு

Then the focus changed,
 changing the writing. 

© Krishdga   10.04.17

Loud noises, trucks and many people.
A language that is spoken but not be understood.
A gesture is one that the body would, 
 try to explain. 
The rush of the moment.

The vast changes that can incur another change,
unexpected but dealt with through breathing.
Each breath an appreciation,
 of all that you have and have experienced.

When does the change happen? 
There is change always. 

© Krishdga   07.04.17

Through a story you may here detail,
through a poem you may find peace.

Through a melody there is a subtle melancholy,
through art not enough articulation.

There is not much that can be expressed,
with moments to live.

There is a grounding continuously happening, 
in the subtle subconscious.
Each time the word god is uttered. 

© Krishdga   07.04.17

It's approaching,
it will be.
Becoming, be.
Path A or B.

Here lies no choice,
Keep flowing.
My thoughts are yours.
I am not. Who is the observer?

When I stopped asking questions,
all my questions were answered.

Through you I am this,
through me I am thy.

With all that I have I still have none.
All that I know, know and done.

Come. Come 

© Krishdga   01.04.17

There is not only one means to experience ones life.
Yes, there are many languages, we all speak from the heart.

We do not only speak to those in tongue.
The eyes, the body, each gesture comes with its own fun.

So shift and adapt to the times which lie ahead.
Open your homes to friends and listen to what is said.

Each story has a purpose for its place.
Language, food and culture all have their own taste.

© Krishdga   31.03.17

As I put pen to paper.
Attention fills me,
 yet there is no tension.
Right now I am free,
 completely being.
Creating art.

The power of writing, a gift.
Experiencing the connectedness of that moment.
All that is happening in your body at the time;
 can only be felt and never expressed, 
entirely in written form.

© Krishdga   09.03.17


The ultimate is death. When you lose a loved one. You are stuck with a sense of reality. It is coming. It will happen. Will this now show you your purpose in the bigger picture? Perhaps. To know the truth, you must first be receptive and open to be shown. How long will you be searching for before it is revealed to you.

Can you see electricity? Is it not something we accept? Get someone to draw electricity.

Whenever I go to ask a question about life, there is the fear of being attached to the ignorance of this life. To be naive and ignorant or to go beyond and make a sacrifice for all people. If we truly realise we are not separate from on another  we will be able to do more selfless acts.

I know I am no better than another. I am no better or worse just different. A great lesson in life is to live without judgement. Although many of us have been brought up in a belief system where death will bring a day of judgement or all our actions have consequences, the karmic cycles. There is much more debt to karma than we know. We do not need to pretend to be anyone.


“But if you are on the spiritual path, they will refuse to predict your future – if they are genuine. Because when anyone says “I am on the spiritual path,” what it means is, “It does not matter what nonsensical karma I have, I am going the way I want to go. I am going to go towards liberation. It does not matter what other factors there are – what society maybe saying, what my genes are, what my karma is, what the planets are saying – I will go where I want to go.” That is what spirituality means – taking destiny into your hands.”

Here now ready to serve,
 through the pain and suffering.

Fulfilling the ultimate truth,
 only love is the solution to all.

Raising your own vibration,
 the divine energy.

Appreciating the beauty.

Learning each day what is not,
 is who you are.

Gently easing into the body,
 and the tasks at hand.

Now seeing the interest of the other,
 becoming curious and content. 
Connecting and accepting. 

Trusting now, 
 all is well. 

© Krishdga   29.12.16


The ultimate is death: 
 losing a loved one.
Now stuck in a sense of reality.
It is coming. It will happen.
Showing you now, 
 the biggest picture.
Perhaps so.

Knowing the truth:
 being receptive.
Be open to be shown.
The searching will soon,

Fear may arise.
 to the state of ignorance.
Go beyond and make a sacrifice.
For all people.
Truly realising,
 we are not separate.

Producing selfless acts.
Living without,
Starting from the self,
 not pretending to be.

Realising, the 'self',
is plenty of empty. 

© Krishdga   8.12.16

A moment causing a moment of judgement, 
can be the most, 
powerful transformational instrument.

To truly understand,
only this moment can you give you,
peace and serenity.

This is the sound of the instrument,
be the watcher.
All forces a reminder of the delusions.
Nothing is truly fearsome in this,

The sense of self, 
the identities we attach ourselves to,
causing us the most pain.
Be a forgiving energy,
surpass all negativity.

motivation and inspiration,
from all selfless beings.
Be in the body, 
another instrument.
Face all sensations, 
transform them.  

© Krishdga   13.5.17


make it a priority. 
Thinking of others,
our brothers and sisters. 

This world within, 
where we live in. 
Harmony with others, 
our brothers and sisters.

Part of a life force,
to be with no remorse. 
Nurturing and protecting others, 
our brothers and sisters. 

Favourable circumstances for all, 
the ultimate call. 
Compassion for others,
our brothers and sisters.

Begin internally.

I pray. 

© Krishdga    10.5.17

A life of ease, 
is one that I please.
The less I spoke, 
the less I evoke in another.
The harsh words of a friend, 
let go.
For it is not,
the friend that speaks, 
but that of insecurity.

Step into the others shoes.
Some are,
more gentle and graceful,
than others.
Show them how to be.
In your presence,
allow them,
to be free.

© Krishdga   8.5.17

I asked and I received, 
with it came consequence.
Situations often perceived, 
pain arises from judgment, 
far from confluence. 

It is what is.
All are creators.
Nothing is hers or his.
Breath be the narrator.

how I am doing. 

opening my mind.

Remembering who I am, 
want to be.

Always coming back to the same answer.
We are the same. 

© Krishdga   6.4.17




In all this language is there love,
 to  listen, to take action, to share.
Your truth is different to mine, 
 show up for yourself take care.  
Your truth is my truth.
 I am you. 
   You are me.
We are the same.
In different realties. 
As water flows,
     as will I.
Staying constant and moving,
              as will I.
Learning new ways, 
      as will I.
Do not fear, 
 progress is here.
Moving forward,
 find balance. 
Keep centred, 
 accept and respect.
Consciously cultivating,
 compassion and empathise. 
See the beauty,
      in being alive. 

© Krishdga   31.1.17

When we do not speak, 
it makes me appreciate you more.
My heart feels heavy,
all that is left are memories, 
which leave me unsure. 

Did it actually happen the way I thought it did,
now it's in the past I have to let go.
Holding onto moments of laughter and joy,
even this grasp can hinder the flow.

Anticipate a sense, all senses that exist are that of now,  
for those feelings exists in this moment.
Accumulate ease through out the day: Tao. 
Eventually this will be the only state. 

With purpose. 

© Krishdga   6.5.17

In those we trust, 
let go and show our true selves.
Stripped of the ego. 
For if we do not there will be no progress. 
Holding back on honesty, 
to love and to feel,
the truth lies in vulnerability.
No benefits rest in comparing or judging others.
Trust in the process and breathe.
For this is all there is to ultimate reality.
Nothing is as it seems.
Keep your heart centre, 
have faith.
Be strong.
Soon realising all can be trusted.

© Krishdga    29.1.17

Becoming and being.
The hidden is not hidden,
hidden from those who hide.
Seek and learn, what you already know. 
Learn and re learn. 
Seeking constantly,
understanding and changing,
seek and don't seek. 
Seeking will seize to subsist. 
Interpret art, see it for what it is, 
yourself in themselves. 
Relate and realise relations.  
Art: which is relatable,
to one who is open,
perceiving and feeling,
the oneness. 

© Krishdga   11.4.7

In my hands I hold the key,
giving to the self and others.
Whilst being free.

In the pain I find the love,
do something for the self.
Look within not around or above. 

Relaxing deeper into my body,
I will find the answer I am looking for.
Conscious breathing, make it a hobby. 

It is now harder for me to be in my mind.
"Die before you die."
Ask the right question go in blind.

Realise there is no death,
take in each breath. 

© Krishdga   20.2.17

I finally accepted,
I do desire.
To be of benefit. 

To society.  
To people I love. 
To all that come into my life.

At times it is easier,  
to be compassionate,
when  believing,
I owe the other something.

But ultimately,
it is because,
I care,
of the essence. 

And the progression,
of our existence. 

© Krishdga    27.4.17

Events of life often repeated,
situations never depleted.
If ambition is there take a leap of faith.
each moment a chance to create, thy Lord saith. 

That which keeps me going,
is the knowing.
Someday some other can be inspired,
attitude, action and commitment is required.

Completing life, leaving a piece of me behind.
An unwritten and unsaid contract internally signed. 
Others have said it is not easy,
take another conscious breath and love deeply.

A simple change of perspective is all you need,
all internal suffering now becomes a blessing indeed.
The beauty of life is as such,
shifts we come across now don't seem too much.

Start to live the life you want to live now.
Life will be prepared to give so allow.
Each being who has crossed your path.
Learn from don't worry about the aftermath.
If taken for granted,
overlook the enchanted. 

© Krishdga    1.5.17

As I wrote the truth of the moment, it allowed me to let go.
To leave the writing space where it is and go with the flow.
In the moments where you may feel pressure, giving into the others control.
Get up, walk around and go ahead take a stroll.
Notice and observe the space, in another moment it will all go.

Responding to the other cannot be faulted, if it is true to your heart. 
If there is doubt in your mind, you have not listened. 
So start.
What is it that pulls us apart?
In the end there is nothing,
share a piece of your heart. 

In this moment I am in my senses. 
Again it comes down to this moment, no need for defences. 
Breathing and consciously creating, 
a welcoming presence for others to feel.
To me I know this is real,
feel comfortable and not afraid to be.
That place starts from I not judging me. 
The least I can do, 
for you.

© Krishdga    29.4.17

A genius I felt. I embraced it.
I was mad but clever.
What was it worth,
to feel different from the rest?
Why me?
It was all in my head.
A role I created.
How quickly my world turned,
with a single thought.
Playing the victim, felt powerful.
I spoke of Him as if I was on His level.
I was portrayed as mad. Insane.
It was insanity.
Truth. Oh I am nothing without your love.
I continue playing a role in your plan to teach us all. 
With the clarity that it is just a role.

© Krishdga    23.1.17

I repeat to myself.
This body is a pile of food. 
This body is just a composition of food.

This body is what I consumed today and yesterday.
This body will be tomorrow, the consumption of the past.
I have had this body for so long, perhaps I am wrong.
Still it feels so strange to feel weak or strong.

So to think we are just walking consumptions of food.
Some make us laugh. 
Some make us love. 
Some make us wonder and ponder life.

A pile of food made me feel?
What will you eat now? 
Would you give a pile of food control?
Control over your perception of what is real? 
What you feel?

We are just piles of food.
Can you digest that? 

© Krishdga    20.4.17

Simple as a request it may seem, 
a request was made, now to please the dream.
Mystery and honesty tangled together.
The other, who we do not know,
or think as separate from us, or we, 
is me.
In this knowingness the space between what is and was,
is all here in this moment in myself.
As I met myself deeply, in the presence of all that is, 
and ever will be greater than me.
All that there was,
only love.
Not that which has attachment or resentment,
that which is pure in its knowingness, of all eternal beings.
One space where acceptance is not passive,
but conscious.
The more I opened myself to not needing to understand the other,
allowing them to just be,
it set my ego free.
Why not? 

© Krishdga    16.4.17

A creator whether an artist or a dancer,
 breaths one space.
They are so aware-
 of the magic in the space.
They are connected with that which fills and flows,
 from the mind body and soul.
They share in this space-
 all that they have learnt and interpreted,
 up until this point.
They forget about being understood or recognised, 
 only choosing to inspire and comprise art.
Where and when they could share. 

© Krishdga    16.4.17

Let go. Why?
A question.
Do you need an answer?
A question.
Do you really need to be somewhere?
A question.
They followed every teacher.
They learnt every method.
They practice, 
in the practicing the cycle arose again.
I kept working on myself. 
I was in tune with the outside world,
not the detail but the suffering.
I choose in each moment to be kind, 
not to repeat what I had done before.
I came out of the cycle.
I am now.

© Krishdga    10.4.17

They shouted your name, screamed and raved.
No one listened, took notice, yet they wanted to be saved.
Until the suffering caused too much pain.
Before joy was once felt again.
The whisper of your name was heard.
Peace was found for a moment - no one spoke a word.
Seeking euphoria, an attachment forming leaving a stain. 
Here again arises the pain it remains.
The cycle continued in vain.
The human race. They left undisturbed.
No one spoke of them again. 

© Krishdga    7.4.17

As it came to me, raw unedited,
I wrote it down. 
It helped to keep it written in a form,
not condensed or complicated.
Work that would reach others, 
work that not necessarily is to everyone's taste,
but one that was true to myself.
I kept reflecting on why I was doing it.
I was grateful for the times I could share an insight into life.
One that I have not lived so long, 
but felt like I'd done many times before.
This may not be the truth.
It does not matter now.

© Krishdga    9.4.17

So many of you filled my mind with hope. 
Hopelessly I let my heart skip and wonder.
Fantasise, to my surprise, a game I play with my mind.
to entertain, 
to be inspired, 
to create.
Each of you gave me a space to create.
An inspiring mystery. 
The mystery I gave you. I gave myself.
I danced and danced. I will stop dancing soon.
So I will dance until I am no longer. 
Thank you for all the dances.

© Krishdga    8.4.17

This is about the self.
I am given the chance,
to act, to create space.
Creating space like a dog.
Dog is mans best friend.
he is walked on, he does not absorb
he is highly intelligent
Walked on. 
Walk on me.
I am creating space.
The more space I created, 
t h e l a r g e r, 
I became.
Abundant and amble. 
Enormously engulfed in space.
Attracting only attracting. 
It became harder to repel.
No longer a part of duality.  

© Krishdga     8.4.17

It is not I that deserves to be awakened. 
But we. 
The more conscious we become as individuals,
the separateness becomes inseparable.
Joined, conjoined in joy,
of the life of others and ourselves.
When I realised what it was, 
that it is not about me.
I emptied.
Empty now and full,
there was nothing.
The suchness became.
And my actions,
were not mine, 
but that of ours,
all of ours. 
We divine. 

© Krishdga    7.4.17

The isness of the moments of contemplation, 
 where your mind may wonder.
When there is harm to your balance.
One becomes more appreciative,
 of the isness.

That which is dealt with the now,
 will not build resistance to the future.
When a memory is triggered,
 whether it be 'good' or 'bad'.
Triggers of emotion,
 monitored changed into motion.
Monitoring now, the stillness, 
 is the isness. 

© Krishdga    7.4.17

Stuck in suction, spiralling.
Up down, in out, through, within, outwardly. 
Continuously reflecting on events that cause reaction. 
Unresolved resentment. 
Comparisons float in and out.
Unconventional. What should be? And what is? 

The line is fine.

With this duality of life comes an expectation.
Assessing events and outcomes, 
 positive or negative.
Driven by constant contemplation of death.
When this body disappears.
What is left behind?
A collection of memories kept alive by,

© Krishdga    6.4.17

A cog weaving designing awaiting an answer.
Suddenly questions that want to be answered.
A step away from the 'true' self.
A step close to a dream.
The air is thicker. More effort to breath.
To consciously breath it seems,
harder, more effort.
Noticing the attachment.
The time for when one is awake to asleep,
conditioned by society.
As I rested a few hours at a time,
whether this be morning or night.
I started to catch my thoughts in the process of creating,
Sometimes hot and colder at other times,
starting to interpret reacting to space and time.
Going against all that I had learnt till now,
when it came to sharing the work. 
The ego, I, the self, that needs more work would appear again.
In a moment where I know I should lead by example.
What does it mean to not care?
Ultimately to be oneself is to share.
Being and becoming better,
through a creative space that has no rules.
In this space be who you are, start to practice the essence of you.
Eventually it will be that which always shines through. 

© Krishdga   5.4.17

As I try to embrace the change. I learn not to try.
With each instance where I resist the flow.
I am in flow. To watch the thoughts.
The thoughts which I am not. 
The watcher of the thoughts,
is content and blissful.
The observer needs nothing.
The observer is just.
The observer is love and full of surrender.
With the observer came the essence of life.
There was access through the divine breath.
Which keeps us alive.
Through signs I use to ground myself.
I became more and more alive. 

© Krishdga   4.4.17

All that is accumulated with love will stay.
An accumulation that will follow you today, and all the way.

Till the very end, which now you do not know.
When it happens you will be ready to go.
Those around will not expect, 
You, however will be in full flow.

Expand your breath from here to there.
It is all one, in the end, we all share.

© Krishdga   3.4.17

For a moment, I was lost.
Detached. From the detachment I was not
hurt. I did not feel pain. I felt strong. 
The perspective I gained.
I am open. I belong. The reason I am not yet gone.
I look to the other.
I see the other in me.
The other may not see.
They may never be free.
Lead by example they said, they did.
Free from judgment they willed.
Interconnected. Connected.
The truth they spoke, but with no action,
there is nothing by distraction. 

© Krishdga   4.2.17

In the mist of the anarchy, have patience.
The inner world which you have seen before, which you know so well.


In such intense presence, there is only understanding and love.
With breath we see with clarity,
all sentient beings, all are auspicious events, all subtle movements.
A sense of respect. A choice to progress.


© Krishdga   21.2.17

Kindness is flowing. Keep focused on the goal.
Surrender to the moment and the calling as a whole.

Thanking each being that helped open my mind.
In times of confusion where I could not find,
the right question to ask or the answers I needed.
Rooting now, shoots appearing from what was first seeded.

Where there is surrender, there is no need to ask,
no need for confusion, no need for a mask.
As I surrendered, I started to bow.
Bowed from within, bowed in the now.

© Krishdga   2.4.17

It is I who wakes early in the morning, who calls you to also wake. 
With this awakened spirit, life cannot wait. 

Do all you can do in the moments when they arise. 
Here and now lies the biggest surprise. 

Open your heart. Open your eyes. 
Awakened now, watch the sunrise. 
When you are stuck, know this also dies. 
There is only love, take off your disguise. 

© Krishdga   29.3.17

This discomfort too shall pass.
It's been acknowledged, no need for it to last.

Moment to moment allow the change to enter.
The time is now, move from your centre.

Some days you may have more to say or do.
Others are just about nurturing you.

Let each day guide you along the way,
where there is wonder, joyfulness and time to play. 

© Krishdga    29.3.17

In the morning I feel poise.
Attuning to my senses, the first time I hear noise.
I start to imagine the most important 'beings' in my life. 
I see them all in front of me now in the after life.
No longer apart of what was here.

When I am challenged. The imbalance is clear.
I also have the power to come out of this fear.
Then I see what is real. This I know no-one can steal.
The space I create within. Is not attached to any kin.

Letting go is the easiest part.
As soon as you learn, how to start.
Reconnect back to your compassionate side.
Here also emerges the death of pride. 

© Krishdga   27.3.17

I see you.
When I think you are gone,
and will no longer need you.
I see you and feel you.
You cripple my body.
I am still but stuck in endless thought,
a sea, a storm, a lifetime of memory.

"Bring me back to reality!" I scream.
A war starts in my mind, when I know I should be more kind.
I laugh. I'm back. I'm back for longer each time.
More present. Not ruled by time.
Aware of the endless.
I am still. 

© Krishdga    17.1.17

I noticed, I observed. 
What I thought was love was unheard. 
Each moment, I stayed in my body. It stopped all my worry. 
Of course I have dreams, what is more consistent is gratitude it seems. 
As my vision gets clearer, I also feel clearer. 
To my body, to my standards, to what really matters. 
With grace, with care I had gratitude for what was there.
Kindly, held in your embrace for a lifetime and more.
The Essence. 

© Krishdga  5.3.17

As I sat to watch you that day,
where I was prepared to let go and move forward,
with no expectations or desire.
I felt your presence with such intensity. 
I loved myself for the first time.
Streams of knowledge.
I broke away from all that I was.
In that moment, I started a fresh. 
I know I feel you. 'You'
I do not speak your language.
I cannot speak of you in the language we speak now.
It sounds like nonsense. It is.
It is what is.

© Krishdga   21.3.17

As you move so gently across me,
I feel protected and loved.
I awake in the thought of you,
as I connect back to my breath.
Each moment a choice to move with grace.
Familiarity of sounds not sights.
I am elsewhere but my family are always here.
I am tender, my being is not.
So many lifetimes I have chosen this spot.
Although I admire you, your true beauty I cannot see.
It is one I desire within me.
As I listen to your calling. I am alert and free.
Here I am again observing silently. 

© Krishdga   24.3.17

Where I hold you in my mind, so high above.
In your actions I do not see. 
My heart is fond of your subtle kindness.
The translation may not actually be.
So I go back to the essence of life, 
where I just want to be free. 
With each breath I connected, 
rooting strongly mirroring a tree.

With each breath you use to discuss a future with out me.
I watch my presence accept this reality.
Part of life in my perception is to accept what will be will be.
I acknowledge the desire within me.
Desire and be free?

In my heart, you have taught me, the attachment I can feel
You have shown me the capability of judgement is real.
I have learnt my mind can be occupied by my hurt.
The hurt I create. The love I create. Now I'm more alert.  
At peace: with the love you have to share, 
with my mind, now I'm more aware.
with the time you spent, briefly with me.
with my own journey.  

© Krishdga   19.3.17

Uncertain uncertainty. You rose this morning.
You blanket us with sweet sounds: birds, bees.
Your soft whisper: the light breeze.
Alive again? Did you ever leave? 
So gently you greet me this morning. Your playful manner pleases me. 
Bold, beaming, bright: simple words from humanity.
I cannot look directly at you, for I will become blind by the glare of your beauty.

I live in the acceptance you are there for me.
Can I ever be there for you in the same way? 
Teach me your ways I asked: Your unbounded kindness, Your time for every being. 
Oh how you play with me this morning. How you are there for everyone to play with.

I feel blessed to recognise your magnificence.
In all this chaos, I hope I come to see you again. 
For even if I may not see you, I must recognise you are always there. 

© Krishdga   11.1.17


I think about the times that I said I wanted to be out. Where I wanted to start living my life the truth that I know. I remember being in my mums car and she would drive me to school, the same mundane routine. Everyday feeling like I am not making a difference.

Now I have the power to change that.

I am in no ones control. I am not obliged to do anything for anyone. I just do it because I want to. The life that you want to live, will only start when you be that person you want to be and the transformation begins when you face that which you fear.

Soon a few years from now you will be able to reflect on who you were and now are and feel the same but different.

It cannot be explained, for if it is explained it means it cannot be experienced, if it is not experienced then it cannot be known, if it is not known then it will not be said. If it is not said it will just be done.


There is hope. I feel there is. When I am grounded I know this is not optimism that I feel but part of the reason why I am here. There is change in every second and every moment and that change is created by our minds by our consciousness.

Yes you maybe confused, yes many things you cannot make sense off, but is there not a beauty in that. If we knew everything and all that we needed to know then what is the point of having a human experience. I feel that humanity is such a small and short period of our life that we are just here to try for a few centuries or a few more thousand years.

The revolution of the planet is happening quickly. It is not just the word or a false statement from a few who have achieved success or practiced to go deep within, many are awakening. Many are realising that there is only love. It is how we treat people today now in this moment, with no judgement. It is the acknowledgement of the constant suffering.


From the little knowledge I have from the science behind flowering and seed dispersion. Here is something to make note of.

A seed needs water, sun, and the optimum environment in order for it to blossom or grow into what ever it is meant to be. Is it possible that an oak seed could become a rose? Is it possible for a rose seed to become an oak tree? Some could say this suggests that life is already written and therefore our fate is predetermined. A rose seed is a rose and an oak seed becomes an oak tree.

With focus we can become what ever we want to be. In this moment choose what seed you want to be and plant it into the ground with love.

A seed first needs to nurture. It must protect itself from being dug up or trampled on and it needs the basics in order for growth. We must keep a gate around us until we have strong roots and have grown enough to disperse our own seeds. It is not possible to disperse seeds (love) without reaching the growth stage where seeds are available.

In addition a rose seed or an oak seed does not consciously take responsibility for other rose seeds beside it. It always fends for itself first. Being selfish to be selfless.

With focus and love you too can be a rose or an oak tree, what ever you wish. First ground yourself consciously, which automatically takes you on a journey of growth.




The one thing as humans we want or need is to be understood. The worst thing we may think that could happen to us is for someone to mistake our intentions or believe what we have done as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. These such words do exist but for its own purpose.

To feel humiliated allows us to break free from our ego. Sometimes it is not the ‘correct’ moment to speak the truth about ones own experience. However to recognise the importance of that experience in yourself and to validate it in your own history is important. When learning different types of love and accepting the unknown there can only be growth from that. It may not be clear now but in this moment if you feel loving enough towards creating a blissful experience then choose love instead of feeling misunderstood.

Misunderstood:  missing –> undo –> under –> – stood –>stand.

Standing under someone we are able to be at ground level of what they are experiencing.

There are reasons as to why people think differently and we must not fall into the trap of treating others how they treat us. “Treat others how YOU/WE/I want to be treated.”

To be a silent observer of your mind and ego can help you stay grounded and move forward in your own journey. It is not that something is bad, but it may have felt bitter. The bitterness we have control of.

The bitter sweet ending is a choice.

Choose it in the moment.


To be blissful. I am blissful and the world around me is blissful, a wanting. That is what I want to attract. In this wanting  a sense of yearning? To be worthy enough to want this for myself and humanity.

Where to start?

How to achieve this?

It is in these moments where I realise and must come to accept. This moment now is where I find that peace, I create that space within me. To remember the scale and the bigger picture. It is all well. It is happening as it is. Being  in this moment right here right now.  Practicing gratitude, changing, and  finally being.



What is rest? When to rest? When to tell another you have not rested? What are you like as a ‘unrested’ person? Why is rest important? Why do we continue without rest? What are we trying to achieve? Where are we trying to be? Where are we going? Why not just rest? Why do you keep going? Why?


Do nothing.

Learn to rest.


If you have not healed from the pain the past has brought you, the past can greatly impact this moments experiences. A simple lie I used to tell myself was that I came to earth by choice, I chose my parents, I chose the gender I was born, I chose my ethnicity the circumstance and the point in life that I was going to be born in. Not only did this give me power to deal with the situations I faced in my life, it gave me a sense of purpose as to keep going. I wanted this and now I am here. 

With this form of thinking you can really start to detach yourself from the painful experiences you had.

Take responsibility.


We all believe in the same thing but we are probably experiencing different parts of the reality of the bigger truth. To believe is to have a feeling in an entity, something, even to believe in nothingness is a belief.

Now to go discover what it is that we all believe.