Simple as a request it may seem, 
a request was made, now to please the dream.
Mystery and honesty tangled together.
The other, who we do not know,
or think as separate from us, or we, 
is me.
In this knowingness the space between what is and was,
is all here in this moment in myself.
As I met myself deeply, in the presence of all that is, 
and ever will be greater than me.
All that there was,
only love.
Not that which has attachment or resentment,
that which is pure in its knowingness, of all eternal beings.
One space where acceptance is not passive,
but conscious.
The more I opened myself to not needing to understand the other,
allowing them to just be,
it set my ego free.
Why not? 

© Krishdga    16.4.17

As I sat to watch you that day,
where I was prepared to let go and move forward,
with no expectations or desire.
I felt your presence with such intensity. 
I loved myself for the first time.
Streams of knowledge.
I broke away from all that I was.
In that moment, I started a fresh. 
I know I feel you. 'You'
I do not speak your language.
I cannot speak of you in the language we speak now.
It sounds like nonsense. It is.
It is what is.

© Krishdga   21.3.17