Where I hold you in my mind, so high above.
In your actions I do not see. 
My heart is fond of your subtle kindness.
The translation may not actually be.
So I go back to the essence of life, 
where I just want to be free. 
With each breath I connected, 
rooting strongly mirroring a tree.

With each breath you use to discuss a future with out me.
I watch my presence accept this reality.
Part of life in my perception is to accept what will be will be.
I acknowledge the desire within me.
Desire and be free?

In my heart, you have taught me, the attachment I can feel
You have shown me the capability of judgement is real.
I have learnt my mind can be occupied by my hurt.
The hurt I create. The love I create. Now I'm more alert.  
At peace: with the love you have to share, 
with my mind, now I'm more aware.
with the time you spent, briefly with me.
with my own journey.  

© Krishdga   19.3.17