Loud noises, trucks and many people.
A language that is spoken but not be understood.
A gesture is one that the body would, 
 try to explain. 
The rush of the moment.

The vast changes that can incur another change,
 unexpected but dealt with through breathing.
Each breath an appreciation,
 of all that you have and have experienced.

When does the change happen? 
There is change always. 

© Krishdga   07.04.17

In my hands I hold the key,
giving to the self and others.
Whilst being free.

In the pain I find the love,
do something for the self.
Look within not around or above. 

Relaxing deeper into my body,
I will find the answer I am looking for.
Conscious breathing, make it a hobby. 

It is now harder for me to be in my mind.
"Die before you die."
Ask the right question go in blind.

Realise there is no death,
take in each breath. 

© Krishdga   20.2.17

As I try to embrace the change. I learn not to try.
With each instance where I resist the flow.
I am in flow. To watch the thoughts.
The thoughts which I am not. 
The watcher of the thoughts,
is content and blissful.
The observer needs nothing.
The observer is just.
The observer is love and full of surrender.
With the observer came the essence of life.
There was access through the divine breath.
Which keeps us alive.
Through signs I use to ground myself.
I became more and more alive. 

© Krishdga   4.4.17

As you move so gently across me,
 I feel protected and loved.
I awake in the thought of you,
 as I connect back to my breath.
Each moment a choice,
 to move with grace.

Familiarity of sounds not sights,
 I am elsewhere.
but my family are always here.
I am tender, 
 my being is not.
So many lifetimes, 
 I have chosen this spot.

Although I admire you, 
 your true beauty I cannot see.
It is one I desire within me.
As I listen to your calling,
 I am alert and free.
Here I am again,
 observing silently. 

© Krishdga   24.3.17