Length after length.
 letting go.
This helped,
  me swim.
  after stroke.
Now swimming. 
Forget all that was,
  and had been.

Moving the body,
Feeling the breath, 
 this is ecstasy.

The flow in writing, 
 where there is expression.
Thoughts and experiences, 
 a new meaning for it.

Not remembering,
  where it comes from.
Just being,
  with what is. 

© Krishdga   12.04.17


So many of you filled my mind with hope. 
Hopelessly I let my heart skip and wonder.
Fantasise, to my surprise, a game I play with my mind.
to entertain, 
to be inspired, 
to create.
Each of you gave me a space to create.
An inspiring mystery. 
The mystery I gave you. I gave myself.
I danced and danced. I will stop dancing soon.
So I will dance until I am no longer. 
Thank you for all the dances.

© Krishdga    8.4.17

This is about the self.
I am given the chance,
to act, to create space.
Creating space like a dog.
Dog is mans best friend.
he is walked on, he does not absorb
he is highly intelligent
Walked on. 
Walk on me.
I am creating space.
The more space I created, 
t h e l a r g e r, 
I became.
Abundant and amble. 
Enormously engulfed in space.
Attracting only attracting. 
It became harder to repel.
No longer a part of duality.  

© Krishdga     8.4.17