They shouted your name, screamed and raved.
No one listened, took notice, yet they wanted to be saved.
Until the suffering caused too much pain.
Before joy was once felt again.
The whisper of your name was heard.
Peace was found for a moment - no one spoke a word.
Seeking euphoria, an attachment forming leaving a stain. 
Here again arises the pain it remains.
The cycle continued in vain.
The human race. They left undisturbed.
No one spoke of them again. 

© Krishdga    7.4.17

I noticed I observed, 
 what I thought was love,
was unheard. 

Each moment,
 I stayed in my body,
it stopped all my worry. 

Of course I have dreams, 
 what is more consistent,
is gratitude it seems. 

As my vision gets clearer,
 I also feel clearer. 
To my body to my standards,  
 to what really matters. 

With grace with care,
 I was grateful,
for what was there.

 held in your embrace,
for a lifetime and more.

E s s e n c e

© Krishdga  5.3.17



       I do not speak, your language.                          I know I feel you. 
         I cannot, speak of you, 
 in the language we speak now.                                            I broke away from all that I was.
                                                                             In that moment, I started afresh. 

  It sounds like nonsense.                                                         I loved myself for the first time.
                                                                                      Streams of knowledge came flooding to me,
                 It is.                                                                with no expectations or desire. 
         It is what is.                                                                  I felt your presence with such intensity,
                                                                                         As I sat to watch you that day,   
                                                                                         where I was prepared to let go and move forward,

 © Krishdga   21.03.17