A genius I felt. I embraced it.
I was mad but clever.
What was it worth,
to feel different from the rest?
Why me?
It was all in my head.
A role I created.
How quickly my world turned,
with a single thought.
Playing the victim, felt powerful.
I spoke of Him as if I was on His level.
I was portrayed as mad. Insane.
It was insanity.
Truth. Oh I am nothing without your love.
I continue playing a role in your plan to teach us all. 
With the clarity that it is just a role.

© Krishdga    23.1.17

I noticed, I observed. 
What I thought was love was unheard. 
Each moment, I stayed in my body. It stopped all my worry. 
Of course I have dreams, what is more consistent is gratitude it seems. 
As my vision gets clearer, I also feel clearer. 
To my body, to my standards, to what really matters. 
With grace, with care I had gratitude for what was there.
Kindly, held in your embrace for a lifetime and more.
The Essence. 

© Krishdga  5.3.17