The ultimate is death. When you lose a loved one. You are stuck with a sense of reality. It is coming. It will happen. Will this now show you your purpose in the bigger picture? Perhaps. To know the truth, you must first be receptive and open to be shown. How long will you be searching for before it is revealed to you.

Can you see electricity? Is it not something we accept? Get someone to draw electricity.

Whenever I go to ask a question about life, there is the fear of being attached to the ignorance of this life. To be naive and ignorant or to go beyond and make a sacrifice for all people. If we truly realise we are not separate from on another  we will be able to do more selfless acts.

I know I am no better than another. I am no better or worse just different. A great lesson in life is to live without judgement. Although many of us have been brought up in a belief system where death will bring a day of judgement or all our actions have consequences, the karmic cycles. There is much more debt to karma than we know. We do not need to pretend to be anyone.

A moment causing a moment of judgement, 
can be the most, 
powerful transformational instrument.

To truly understand,
only this moment can you give you,
peace and serenity.

This is the sound of the instrument,
be the watcher.
All forces a reminder of the delusions.
Nothing is truly fearsome in this,

The sense of self, 
the identities we attach ourselves to,
causing us the most pain.
Be a forgiving energy,
surpass all negativity.

motivation and inspiration,
from all selfless beings.
Be in the body, 
another instrument.
Face all sensations, 
transform them.  

© Krishdga   13.5.17


I asked and I received, 
with it came consequence.
Situations often perceived, 
pain arises from judgment, 
far from confluence. 

It is what is.
All are creators.
Nothing is hers or his.
Breath be the narrator.

how I am doing. 

opening my mind.

Remembering who I am, 
want to be.

Always coming back to the same answer.
We are the same. 

© Krishdga   6.4.17




Where I hold you in my mind, so high above.
In your actions I do not see. 
My heart is fond of your subtle kindness.
The translation may not actually be.
So I go back to the essence of life, 
where I just want to be free. 
With each breath I connected, 
rooting strongly mirroring a tree.

With each breath you use to discuss a future with out me.
I watch my presence accept this reality.
Part of life in my perception is to accept what will be will be.
I acknowledge the desire within me.
Desire and be free?

In my heart, you have taught me, the attachment I can feel
You have shown me the capability of judgement is real.
I have learnt my mind can be occupied by my hurt.
The hurt I create. The love I create. Now I'm more alert.  
At peace: with the love you have to share, 
with my mind, now I'm more aware.
with the time you spent, briefly with me.
with my own journey.  

© Krishdga   19.3.17


There is hope. I feel there is. When I am grounded I know this is not optimism that I feel but part of the reason why I am here. There is change in every second and every moment and that change is created by our minds by our consciousness.

Yes you maybe confused, yes many things you cannot make sense off, but is there not a beauty in that. If we knew everything and all that we needed to know then what is the point of having a human experience. I feel that humanity is such a small and short period of our life that we are just here to try for a few centuries or a few more thousand years.

The revolution of the planet is happening quickly. It is not just the word or a false statement from a few who have achieved success or practiced to go deep within, many are awakening. Many are realising that there is only love. It is how we treat people today now in this moment, with no judgement. It is the acknowledgement of the constant suffering.


The one thing as humans we want or need is to be understood. The worst thing we may think that could happen to us is for someone to mistake our intentions or believe what we have done as ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. These such words do exist but for its own purpose.

To feel humiliated allows us to break free from our ego. Sometimes it is not the ‘correct’ moment to speak the truth about ones own experience. However to recognise the importance of that experience in yourself and to validate it in your own history is important. When learning different types of love and accepting the unknown there can only be growth from that. It may not be clear now but in this moment if you feel loving enough towards creating a blissful experience then choose love instead of feeling misunderstood.

Misunderstood:  missing –> undo –> under –> – stood –>stand.

Standing under someone we are able to be at ground level of what they are experiencing.

There are reasons as to why people think differently and we must not fall into the trap of treating others how they treat us. “Treat others how YOU/WE/I want to be treated.”

To be a silent observer of your mind and ego can help you stay grounded and move forward in your own journey. It is not that something is bad, but it may have felt bitter. The bitterness we have control of.

The bitter sweet ending is a choice.

Choose it in the moment.