Loud noises, trucks and many people.
A language that is spoken but not be understood.
A gesture is one that the body would, 
 try to explain. 
The rush of the moment.

The vast changes that can incur another change,
 unexpected but dealt with through breathing.
Each breath an appreciation,
 of all that you have and have experienced.

When does the change happen? 
There is change always. 

© Krishdga   07.04.17

There is not only one means to experience ones life.
Yes, there are many languages, we all speak from the heart.

We do not only speak to those in tongue.
The eyes, the body, each gesture comes with its own fun.

So shift and adapt to the times which lie ahead.
Open your homes to friends and listen to what is said.

Each story has a purpose for its place.
Language, food and culture all have their own taste.

© Krishdga   31.03.17