Length after length.
 letting go.
This helped,
  me swim.
  after stroke.
Now swimming. 
Forget all that was,
  and had been.

Moving the body,
Feeling the breath, 
 this is ecstasy.

The flow in writing, 
 where there is expression.
Thoughts and experiences, 
 a new meaning for it.

Not remembering,
  where it comes from.
Just being,
  with what is. 

© Krishdga   12.04.17


When we do not speak, 
 it makes me appreciate you more.
My heart feels heavy,
 all that is left are memories, 
which leave me unsure. 

Did it actually happen the way I thought it did,
 now it's in the past I have to let go.
Holding onto moments of laughter and joy,
 even this grasp can hinder the flow.

Anticipate a sense, all senses that exist are that of now,  
 for those feelings exists in this moment.
Accumulate ease through out the day: Tao. 
Eventually this will be the only state. 

With purpose. 

© Krishdga   6.5.17

Let go. Why?
A question.
Do you need an answer?
A question.
Do you really need to be somewhere?
A question.
They followed every teacher.
They learnt every method.
They practice, 
in the practicing the cycle arose again.
I kept working on myself. 
I was in tune with the outside world,
not the detail but the suffering.
I choose in each moment to be kind, 
not to repeat what I had done before.
I came out of the cycle.
I am now.

© Krishdga    10.4.17