When we do not speak, 
it makes me appreciate you more.
My heart feels heavy,
all that is left are memories, 
which leave me unsure. 

Did it actually happen the way I thought it did,
now it's in the past I have to let go.
Holding onto moments of laughter and joy,
even this grasp can hinder the flow.

Anticipate a sense, all senses that exist are that of now,  
for those feelings exists in this moment.
Accumulate ease through out the day: Tao. 
Eventually this will be the only state. 

With purpose. 

© Krishdga   6.5.17

As I wrote the truth of the moment, it allowed me to let go.
To leave the writing space where it is and go with the flow.
In the moments where you may feel pressure, giving into the others control.
Get up, walk around and go ahead take a stroll.
Notice and observe the space, in another moment it will all go.

Responding to the other cannot be faulted, if it is true to your heart. 
If there is doubt in your mind, you have not listened. 
So start.
What is it that pulls us apart?
In the end there is nothing,
share a piece of your heart. 

In this moment I am in my senses. 
Again it comes down to this moment, no need for defences. 
Breathing and consciously creating, 
a welcoming presence for others to feel.
To me I know this is real,
feel comfortable and not afraid to be.
That place starts from I not judging me. 
The least I can do, 
for you.

© Krishdga    29.4.17


To be blissful. I am blissful and the world around me is blissful, a wanting. That is what I want to attract. In this wanting  a sense of yearning? To be worthy enough to want this for myself and humanity.

Where to start?

How to achieve this?

It is in these moments where I realise and must come to accept. This moment now is where I find that peace, I create that space within me. To remember the scale and the bigger picture. It is all well. It is happening as it is. Being  in this moment right here right now.  Practicing gratitude, changing, and  finally being.