The mind stuck in a-maze, 
   fear of loss, 
fear of losing integrity. 
 to integrate the self,
searching for the truth deep inside.

 Keep the mind from wondering, 
       they said.... what if?
  Have faith in moments,
where the thinking mind takes over.....
                               they said. 

 This moment is the greatest opening,
  become open and in light end.
 Notice from a distance, 
   to struggle is a great lesson.
  Climbing and coming out of this,
    balancing the accounts.
 What is it you desire? 
 Realise it and let it all go. 
 Find the peace,
   create it in each moment.
 Nurturing and using your gifts.
 To love without validation. 
  To live having understood death. 

     Accept your struggles,
      move forward from this.
    Release it and realise,
     there is nothing to worry about.
   When you keep trying,
     your courage and faith,
   will always pull through.

© Krishdga   24.04.17

When we do not speak, 
 it makes me appreciate you more.
My heart feels heavy,
 all that is left are memories, 
which leave me unsure. 

Did it actually happen the way I thought it did,
 now it's in the past I have to let go.
Holding onto moments of laughter and joy,
 even this grasp can hinder the flow.

Anticipate a sense, all senses that exist are that of now,  
 for those feelings exists in this moment.
Accumulate ease through out the day: Tao. 
Eventually this will be the only state. 

With purpose. 

© Krishdga   6.5.17