Express kindness, 
 through enjoying your life. 
Whilst realising the

This will lead you,
 to act out of a place of love.
With each breath acknowledging,
 the short period of time left.
Being given a chance, 
 to leave a lasting impression.

Yet it can feel,
 like the journey is never ending.
There is an end,
 to all suffering and it starts now.

After this moment which you have absolute,
 control over.
Completely surrender,
 to all that is in this moment. 

© Krishdga    17.05.17

Here now ready to serve,
 through the pain and suffering.

Fulfilling the ultimate truth,
 only love is the solution to all.

Raising your own vibration,
 the divine energy.

Appreciating the beauty.

Learning each day what is not,
 is who you are.

Gently easing into the body,
 and the tasks at hand.

Now seeing the interest of the other,
 becoming curious and content. 
Connecting and accepting. 

Trusting now, 
 all is well. 

© Krishdga   29.12.16


Events of life often repeated,
 situations never depleted.
If ambition is there take a leap of faith.
 each moment a chance to create, thy Lord saith. 

That which keeps me going,
 is the knowing.
Someday some other can be inspired,
 attitude, action and commitment is required.

Completing life, leaving a piece of me behind.
An unwritten and unsaid contract internally signed. 
Others have said it is not easy,
 take another conscious breath and love deeply.

A simple change of perspective is all you need,
 all internal suffering now becomes a blessing indeed.
The beauty of life is as such,
 shifts we come across now don't seem too much.

Start to live the life you want to live now.
Life will be prepared to give so allow.
Each being who has crossed your path.
Learn from don't worry about the aftermath.
If taken for granted,
 overlook the enchanted. 

© Krishdga    1.5.17