Express kindness, 
 through enjoying your life. 
Whilst realising the

This will lead you,
 to act out of a place of love.
With each breath acknowledging,
 the short period of time left.
Being given a chance, 
 to leave a lasting impression.

Yet it can feel,
 like the journey is never ending.
There is an end,
 to all suffering and it starts now.

After this moment which you have absolute,
 control over.
Completely surrender,
 to all that is in this moment. 

© Krishdga    17.05.17

Let go. Why?
A question.
Do you need an answer?
A question.
Do you really need to be somewhere?
A question.
They followed every teacher.
They learnt every method.
They practice, 
in the practicing the cycle arose again.
I kept working on myself. 
I was in tune with the outside world,
not the detail but the suffering.
I choose in each moment to be kind, 
not to repeat what I had done before.
I came out of the cycle.
I am now.

© Krishdga    10.4.17

Kindness is flowing. Keep focused on the goal.
Surrender to the moment and the calling as a whole.

Thanking each being that helped open my mind.
In times of confusion where I could not find,
the right question to ask or the answers I needed.
Rooting now, shoots appearing from what was first seeded.

Where there is surrender, there is no need to ask,
no need for confusion, no need for a mask.
As I surrendered, I started to bow.
Bowed from within, bowed in the now.

© Krishdga   2.4.17