In all this language is there love,
 to  listen, to take action, to share.
Your truth is different to mine, 
 show up for yourself take care.  
Your truth is my truth.
 I am you. 
   You are me.
We are the same.
In different realties. 
As water flows,
     as will I.
Staying constant and moving,
              as will I.
Learning new ways, 
      as will I.
Do not fear, 
 progress is here.
Moving forward,
 find balance. 
Keep centred, 
 accept and respect.
Consciously cultivating,
 compassion and empathise. 
See the beauty,
      in being alive. 

© Krishdga   31.1.17


From the little knowledge I have from the science behind flowering and seed dispersion. Here is something to make note of.

A seed needs water, sun, and the optimum environment in order for it to blossom or grow into what ever it is meant to be. Is it possible that an oak seed could become a rose? Is it possible for a rose seed to become an oak tree? Some could say this suggests that life is already written and therefore our fate is predetermined. A rose seed is a rose and an oak seed becomes an oak tree.

With focus we can become what ever we want to be. In this moment choose what seed you want to be and plant it into the ground with love.

A seed first needs to nurture. It must protect itself from being dug up or trampled on and it needs the basics in order for growth. We must keep a gate around us until we have strong roots and have grown enough to disperse our own seeds. It is not possible to disperse seeds (love) without reaching the growth stage where seeds are available.

In addition a rose seed or an oak seed does not consciously take responsibility for other rose seeds beside it. It always fends for itself first. Being selfish to be selfless.

With focus and love you too can be a rose or an oak tree, what ever you wish. First ground yourself consciously, which automatically takes you on a journey of growth.